Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mitts and Mini Mitts

I've wanted a pair of fingerless gloves for a very long time.  I wanted a pair with a thumb, which I was sure was above my skill level so I put them off.  I'm a scardey cat knitter, I admit it.  So much time goes into each project I hate to get half way into it and realize I don't know what I'm doing.  Anyway, I took the leap and made myself these fabulous mitts!! 

The pattern is Cozy Thermal Mitts, the picture is a link to the ravelry page for them.  It is an excellent pattern very well written and easy to follow.  The thumb I was so worried about wasn't hard to make at all.  I made them out of some of my favorite Carron Simply Soft, the Mardi Grey.  I love the subtle color changes and it's washable! 
In the middle of making mine I saw a super cute pair for little girls that "the baby keeper" had made her little girl.  I decided Ellie must have a pair too. 
I got the pattern from "the baby keeper" and sized it down a little for smaller hands.  Her pattern was great, easy to follow and simple to adjust.  I'm not going to lie I had to rip out the thumb on the first one, because I sized it down a little too much and Ellie couldn't get her thumb through the hole, but once I fixed that they are perfect. 
So stinking Cute!!  Ellie loves them, she wore them all last night and put them on first thing this morning. 
The last picture is a link to the original pair I saw of "the baby keeper's".  I love mine, but I'll admit that if I thought I could pull the rainbow ones off I'd make myself a pair.
Now I'm thinking Levi may need a camo pair too.  I'm off to see what yarn I have in my stash that may work for that.  
Thanks for reading.