Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super L Man and Super E Girl

I finally finished a very long knitting project (more on that later) and decided the perfect way to celebrate was with a quick, fun sewing project. I dearly love knitting, but I'll admit the speed of sewing projects is a big plus. Anywho, on to the sewing project. I found this fantastic Superhero Cape Tutorial on Pintrest and decided the kids must have them.
These were easy to make, even with my very basic sewing skills. The hardest part were the letters.

Even with the letters they probably only took me an hour or two to make. I love them!!! And so do the kids.
I made the capes real quick after supper and let the kids play with them until bedtime and then sewed on the letters. Levi decided they would be Super L Man and Super E Girl.
Seriously easy and cute to boot! I'm trying desperately to think of other kids in my life that need one. Josh W., expect one of these for your birthday.
Thanks for reading.


Andrea Frederick said...

I can only imagine Levi's happiness! Keep in mind that my silhouette will cut fabric if you should ever need that feature! I love your capes!

Miss Jenn said...

LOVE them! I made capes for my kids for Breanna's boy's 1st bday party - they are a nice easy project! Maybe Levi's preschool needs some for dress up?!