Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Ellie's so opinionated about what she wears. It's so funny to me what she thinks she has to have to complete an outfit. Here are a few examples for prosterity.
Backpack, purse, and Rudolph slippers, what every girl needs for a trip to the grocery store.

When Steve dresses her, he usually just lets her pick whatever she wants. Mommy is too OCD for that.
You can't wear you ballerina shirt without your jewlery. What would people say?
Ellie loves fun socks! I've had kind of hard time finding any small enough for her, so we mostly rotate, between a few pairs of these colored ones. She will NOT let me roll them down. Fits are thrown, tears are shed and finally I relent and leave them up, with shorts no less.
She's so fun. I dreaded having a girl for just this reason, but I was wrong, I find it so funny to watch her accessorize and pick clothes. I especially love that she doesn't always want the girly choice. Sure sometimes she insist on ponytails, bows and dresses, but sometimes she throws fits for Elmo swim shoes over dinosaur footie jammies. Who knew having a girl would be so much fun? ..... Oh, everybody else knew that? .....Why didn't you tell me?.....What's that..... you did tell me? I may vaguely remember that, but nightmares of barbies and pink tulle, and large flowers and french braids were skewing my judgement at the time. Please someone remind me of this post when things on the above list come up.
Thanks for reading.


Stacey and Ryan said...

Welcome back! She is getting so big! And I love the orange socks :)

Shonya said...

Fun to see a post from you! Wow, she is growing! I love little girls for this very reason, too. They are so fun--the things they come up with. Enjoy! :)